Agent blå flaunt a bullish sound on Derogatory Embrace

It's the opening track from their self-titled debut album, due out in June


Agent blå have continued their prolific run of singles, revealing a more bullish side to their sound on Derogatory Embrace.

The Gothenburg band’s fifth single flaunts punchier riffs and woozier, less stoic vocal delivery than anything else we’ve heard to date.

The result is an all the more well-rounded, hard-hitting single, more post-punk than they’ve been so far, and continuing their flirtation with various genres.

To date that’s included wistful indie pop on (Don’t) Talk To Strangers and Strand, and the jangly dream punk of Frustrerad and Rote Learning.

Derogatory Embrace ties in with the latter pair, and will be the opening track on their debut album, set for release on 9 June.

The 10 track full-length, which is self-titled, will include all of their singles so far as well as five new songs.

The opener will be Derogatory Embrace, the track’s ominous closing chimes leading into debut single Strand.

The track title is currently misspelled on streaming sites as Deragatory Embrace, although on the album listing this is corrected.

Agent blå, signed to Sweden’s Luxury Records, are set to play US shows in May and June.

Katy Blackwood
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