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Katy Blackwood is the Editor of FEISTY.

Artist Playlist No. 5: Thyla’s Millie Duthie

The British band's lead vocalist and guitarist picks out her favourite music and tells us about her tastes
December 2018 new releases

Upcoming Album and EP Releases: December 2018

A round-up of the important and under-the-radar new releases on the way in the final month of 2018
Bang Bang Romeo

Artist Playlist No. 4: Bang Bang Romeo’s Anastasia Walker

The striking frontwoman picks out ten of her favourite tracks for her installment of the playlist
Misty Coast

Premiere: Misty Coast – Little Sister

Listen to the Norwegian dream pop duo's gorgeous new track, as featured on the forthcoming album Melodaze
Mira Aasma

Premiere: Mira Aasma – Lost & Found

The exclusive first listen to the art pop musician's emotive new track, taken from her upcoming EP
Emma Ruth Rundle

Live Notes: Emma Ruth Rundle and Jaye Jayle in Manchester

Emma Ruth dazzled and hypnotised on the opening night of her UK tour at Manchester's Soup Kitchen
Hanne Mjøen

Artist Playlist No. 3: Hanne Mjøen

The rising star of Nordic pop picks out a selection of her favourite music for this week's playlist
November 2018 new releases

Upcoming Album and EP Releases: November 2018

A round-up of all the important and under-the-radar releases on the way in November
Agent blå

Artist Playlist No. 2: Agent blå’s Emelie Alatalo

The vocalist with Swedish post-punk band Agent blå curates a selection of the music that means a lot to her