Brighton’s The Magic Gang among the latest names for The Great Escape 2018


The latest lineup additions for The Great Escape 2018 have just been revealed, adding around one-hundred more artists to this year’s bill.

Hometown favourites The Magic Gang and Demob Happy, both fresh from releasing new albums, are two of the highlights of a varied batch of new announcements.

Soccer MommyThe Regrettes and Zuzu – all included in our recent Women On Vox feature – are also added to the schedule for the new music festival.

The Magic Gang at Plug in Sheffield
The Magic Gang, pictured in 2016, have truly arrived this year with the release of their self-titled debut album. Photo: Katy Blackwood

Women are well represented in general across the new announcement – Annabel Allum, Anaïs and Carmody are three standout names – as are indie and more guitar-led genres.

Other highlights include raucous Bristolians IDLES and Liverpool’s indie pop collective The Night Café, while there’s international flavour from Canadian pop-punk group Now, Now and Norway’s Tuvaband.

There’s also rough gems, such as Sophie and the Giants and Vistas, to discover.

Soccer Mommy
Soccer Mommy released a new album, Clean, last month

The Great Escape takes place in Brighton from 17-19 May, showcasing hundreds of new artists – with a sprinkling of older names – at venues and bespoke stages across the city.

Previously announced highlights include BØRNS, Pale Waves, Jerry Williams and Goat Girl.

The live sets at the festival are coupled with a large industry convention, making it the UK’s answer to SXSW and a hotbed of music activity throughout the week.

Delegate passes – the full ticket needed to access both the industry events, convention and performances – are currently £215, while tickets to only see the shows are just £70 for the whole three days.

Another lineup announcement is expected next week.

The full A-Z list of artists announced today:

  • Aadae
  • Aivery
  • Albert Af Ekenstam
  • Alex Hepburn
  • Alice Boman
  • Allana Verde
  • Anaïs
  • Annabel Allum
  • Ashley Henry
  • Au/Ra
  • Auður
  • Avec
  • Bearcubs
  • Breathe Panel
  • Call Me Loop
  • Carmody
  • Catherine McGrath
  • Chappaqua Wrestling
  • Charles Watson
  • Chris & Charlie
  • Club Drive
  • Conner Youngblood
  • Connie Constance
  • Cuckoolander
  • Dancing On Tables
  • David Keenan
  • Demob Happy
  • Don’t Problem
  • Drahla
  • Faers
  • Flohio
  • Fontaines DC
  • Frazer
  • G Flip
  • George Taylor
  • God On My Right
  • Haley Heynderickx
  • Hallouminati
  • Holiday Oscar
  • Hot Dreams
  • Hungry Joe
  • Idles
  • Insecure Men
  • Izzie Gibbs
  • Jealous Of The Birds
  • Joan
  • Joe Taylor
  • Kai Whiston
  • Kalpa
  • Kawala
  • Kioko
  • Koates
  • K-Phax
  • Kyle Craft
  • Lady Sanity
  • Laurie Mann
  • Le Motel
  • Life
  • Lilly Ahlberg
  • Lisa Morgenstern
  • Locks
  • Love Sick
  • Luca
  • Lucie Barât
  • Mary Miller
  • Men I Trust
  • Mina Rose
  • Moss Kena
  • Mother’s Cake
  • Nadia Nair
  • Naked Elephant
  • Naomi Scott
  • Native Sun
  • Now, Now
  • Odd Couple
  • Onipa
  • Phantom Isle
  • Pillow Queens
  • Polo & Pan
  • Psychic Markers
  • Psycho Comedy
  • Rews
  • RVG
  • Saint Raymond
  • Samana
  • Sonny
  • Silverlake
  • Slugabed
  • Snail Mail
  • Soccer Mommy
  • Sophie and the Giants
  • Sorry
  • Sportsman
  • Sunstack Jones
  • The Magic Gang
  • The Nectars
  • The Night Café
  • The Regrettes
  • The Vryll Society
  • Towkio
  • Trillery Banks
  • Tuvaband
  • Vida
  • Vistas
  • Voodoo Love Orchestra
  • XTRM Tour
  • Zapatilla
  • Zuzu
Katy Blackwood
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