Jangly blisses prevail on Cold Beat’s 62 Moons


The vintage sound of Cold Beat excels on her latest single 62 Moons.

The first glimpse of Chaos By Invitation is a jangly bliss, with twinkly guitars and a tasteful use of synths accompanying an apocalyptic lyrical theme.

The electronic elements skew Cold Beat’s sound away from straight forward dream pop, and influences from Depeche Mode to Cocteau Twins can be gleaned across her releases.

62 Moons is, for the uninitiated, a dazzling introduction, ahead of their album on 7 April.

The sounds of Cold Beat – a.k.a. Hannah Lew – have been tragically underheard so far.

She’s already on to her third Cold Beat album, following up 2014 debut Over Me and 2015’s Into The Air.

She’s somewhat better known as the bassist-vocalist of the band Grass Widow.

Katy Blackwood
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