Eliza and the Bear
Eliza and the Bear released their self-titled debut album in 2016

Eliza and the Bear’s new sound debuts with the magnificent pop of Higher.

The release marks a new beginning for the band, deviating from their rudimentary folk style and venturing head first into the current climes of infectious, summery pop.

Keeping their do-it-yourself style, Eliza and the Bear experiment and celebrate the track’s imperfections, producing something that has you hooked after a listen and is likely to be played for months to come.

And by amalgamating the traditional and the modern, they’ve produced a catchy, impressive milestone single featuring a side of the band not heard before.

Listen to Higher below on Spotify:

Eliza and the Bear have just played two intimate dates, in Manchester and London, ahead of a summer appearance at 110 Above Festival in August.

They’ve also teased, via social media, the possibility of a new album to come.

The band formed back in 2011 and released their self-titled debut full-length last year.