In 2016 Highasakite released their third album Camp Echo, the single Samurai Swords and an acoustic EP

Highasakite are back with 5 Million Miles, a glossy reinvention and neoteric shift into the world of mainstream pop.

Wriggling away from their eclectic roots, the Norwegian band have crafted a single that boldly stands up and breaks with their past.

It’s electropop with a euphoric chorus that one-ups The Proclaimers (“I would walk 5 million miles”), underwritten by in-vogue, summery beats.

The little quirks typical of their music are all but lost in the new sound, as are Ingrid Helene Håvik’s endearing vocal peculiarities.

But whereas fans of their three albums will surely be startled by the change, fervent aficionados of Scandipop could find plenty to love.

Listen to 5 Million Miles – there’s no video just yet – below:

Highasakite experienced a breakthrough year in 2016, playing the biggest European festivals and sold-out UK dates.

Their last single was Samurai Swords, followed by a stripped-back EP of their most popular tracks.

Their third album, Camp Echo, was also unveiled, including the brilliant singles Golden Ticket and Someone Who’ll Get It.

Highasakite’s back catalogue also includes 2011’s All That Floats Will Rain and 2014’s Silent Treatment.