ZZ Tiger's Lea Emmery
Kid Wave's one and only album Wonderlust was released in 2015

Kid Wave, the fuzzy pop band of Lea Emmery, has come to an end and been replaced by a new project called ZZ Tiger.

An announcement by Lea, made on Instagram, explains that Kid Wave is a “chapter that will be closed”, adding that the change in identity is to better represent her new sound on forthcoming material.

The name ZZ Tiger isn’t included in the post, but is revealed by a newly-created Spotify profile for the project.

Twenty-Four, originally released under the Kid Wave moniker in January, is ZZ Tiger’s debut single. It had already marked a shift in sound to what had come before, flaunting a more clean-cut, pop aesthetic than the ethereal jangle of previous releases.

Kid Wave were included in the first installment of our Women On Vox feature last week, described as “one of the UK’s most shamefully underheard bands”.

Their brilliant debut full-length was Wonderlust, released in June 2015 on Heavenly Recordings, and now likely to be the only album released under the name. Other output included 2014’s Gloom EP and, last year, a standalone single called Everything Changes.

Kid Wave’s Facebook and Twitter profiles have been removed, as have all other posts on the band’s Instagram account, but most of their back catalogue remains available on Spotify and other streaming services.

More details on ZZ Tiger are yet to be revealed by Lea, including whether releases will be made on Heavenly – although that doesn’t look like it’s going to be the case – and who else is involved in the project.

Lea has previously hinted at anxiety about her change in sound, telling Dork in January: “I felt a bit worried about it [Twenty-Four] sounding so different from my previous stuff, but I’m young and have accepted that I change and will change.”