We're No Heroes
We're No Heroes are Tom Collins, Michael Owen and Luke Llewellyn

Cardiff natives We’re No Heroes drove three hours to London last night to play their first gig in the capital this year.

Writing beforehand on Facebook that they intended to bring “copious amounts [of] positivity” to the “brave people” of London, the band put on a show that delighted those gathered in the belly of Fitzrovia’s The Social venue

Their set ducked and weaved through a series of new songs, all bright with energetic funk grooves and riffs so deep you could swim in them.

Though The Social’s sound engineers muddied the clarity of We’re No Heroes’ lyrics with lazy work, the band’s sparkling rock dreamscapes still managed to come through.

The trio particularly shone through an exciting introduction that bled into Atlantic Hearts, and with their performance of new single Youth.

Finishing on a high with 2015 staple Stay Weird, We’re No Heroes made sure theirs was the stand-out set of the evening.

New single Youth is set to drop at the end of June.