New Music: Nelson Can bring indie groove on Miracle

Danish band Nelson Can vanquish all guitars, save for rampant bass, from their music


Nelson Can bring some serious groove on their new single, the indie dance smash Miracle.

The Danish trio vanquish all guitars – unless you count the rampant bass – from their music, and their latest track brings it all together more stylishly than ever.

Selina Gin’s raspy vocals – we think she could do a good Bonnie Tyler – power over Miracle’s infectious rhythm.

Nelson Can have just signed to Alcopop! Records for the release of a new EP later this year.

Watch the video for Miracle, shot entirely on an iPhone, below:

Copenhagen’s Nelson Can have been around for a few years, making their biggest splash with their single Apple Pie in 2012.

Their inspirations range from Siouxsie and the Banshees and post-punk to Yeah Yeah Yeahs and disco.

With their newfound relationship with UK label Alcopop! we’re hopeful of catching them in the UK soon, although no dates have been announced yet.

Katy Blackwood
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