PINS hook up with Iggy Pop on Aggrophobe

His spoken word features on the band's new track, from the forthcoming Bad Thing EP


Manchester indie band PINS have hooked up with Iggy Pop for the lead single from their new EP.

The unlikely collaboration was arranged by email, and features Iggy’s spoken word for verses and a repeated chorus of “so many actions, so many voices”.

As explained in an i-D piece, PINS approached the punk hero via their booking agent. He then signed on after hearing the track and seeing a photo of the band.

His lines in the song have a faint reminiscence to the delivery style of the famous Choose Life speech from the original Trainspotting.

Listen to Aggrophobe below:

Aggrophobe is the first single from their new EP, Bad Thing, as set for release on 24 March.

Four more tracks – Bad Thing, All Hail, In Nightmares and Dead Souls – will also be included, all of which are yet to be revealed.

As far as we know, however, Iggy Pop is the only collaborator for the EP.

PINS – Faith Holgate, Lois McDonald, Anna Donigan, Sophie Galpin and Kyoko Swan – have released two brilliant punk-tinged indie albums to date.

Girls Like Us was their debut in 2013, followed more recently by Wild Things in 2015.

Katy Blackwood
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