Ride make their long-awaited return on new single Charm Assault

It's billed as their first new material for 20 years, and arrives ahead of a new album this summer


Ride have made their long-awaited return with a brand new single, Charm Assault.

Billed as their first material for 20 years, it’s the first taste of their first album since 1996, set for release this summer via Wichita.

Sounding cleaner and less fuzzy than we might have expected, Charm Assault bears little resemblance to their famous shoegaze sound.

It still nonetheless thumps away as an indie rock single, and is something of a protest track against the UK government to boot.

Ride’s Andy Bell says, of the new track: “Charm Assault is a pretty straightforward expression of frustration and disgust at the people who currently run our country.”

Despite the 20 year billing, Ride’s last official material was the Coming Up For Air EP, composed of a 2001 jam for a television documentary.

Their last album, Tarantula, was released in 1996, six years after the seminal shoegazing classic Nowhere.

Ride toured the UK in 2015, playing Nowhere in full as part of a series of a two-set, no-support performances.

Ride will be playing dates in Belfast and Dublin in March, and have just been announced for this year’s BBC 6 Music Festival in Glasgow.

Katy Blackwood
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