Katy’s Track of the Day: Soviet X-Ray Record Club – Weekend

SXRC's new single is capable post-punk from the Australian underground (KTOTD-0002)


Soviet X-Ray Record Club are a darkly-toned collective from Brisbane, capably fitting under the banner of post-punk, blending hauling guitars with the unperturbed vocals of frontman Steven Appleton.

They’re something of a hidden gem, even in Australia. They formed during, in their own words, an “indie pop epidemic” in 2012, confounding audiences with their gloomy and sombre sound. They’ve since released an album, Wake, and last year an EP, Houses.

They’re back again with Weekend, the first material from what will eventually be their second album. They’ve stepped up and progressed, with sweeping synths driving the new track rather than guitars, giving it a bit of an early White Lies vibe. The bassline hums along more fluidly than ever, resulting in some pretty dusky indie dance.

Steven’s trademark unfussy baritone also excels on the new single. It’s a whole minute until he opens with “I dreamed I died last night”, going on to reflect on the excesses of the weekend between synth breaks.

Soviet X-Ray Record Club – often just shortened to SXRC – are currently recording their new album, which they tell me is on track for a release in early 2019.

They also mentioned that they’ve just finished recording their next single, applying the finishing touches today. It’s called Lighter, and they expect to release it in June.

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