Write for FEISTY

So, you’d like to write for FEISTY? That’s great! We’re always looking to add talented and motivated contributors to our team, and would love to hear from you.

The FEISTY team is a cosy group of music lovers and all-round babes. Any writer that’s as passionate about music as we are is sure to be a good fit, especially if you can adapt to our writing style and consistently contribute every week.

All contributions to FEISTY at this time are voluntary, so as much as we’d love to be able to, we won’t be able to take up any paid pitches. That said, we’re a laidback place to write, and happy to take up your ideas, showcase your talents and share your passions!

FEISTY is a “female-led” platform. This doesn’t mean we don’t have male contributors, but the majority of our writers past and present have been female or non-binary. We’re based in the United Kingdom, but welcome contributors from around the world.

We’re currently especially looking for writers that would like to contribute entries to our New Music Journal. We’re also looking for more experienced writers keen to produce features, conduct interviews, and attend live shows.

If you’re interested in becoming part of the FEISTY adventure, drop Katy (our Editor) an email at [email protected], ideally including samples of your writing and details on the sort of content you’d like to write for us. It’s going to be fun! <3