Premiere: TOGGI – Dancing Alone


TOGGI channels the indelible spirit of 1980s post-punk on his debut solo single.

Dancing Alone is a quirky celebration of solitude, featuring guitar tones reminiscent of The Cure’s Disintegration album and French coldwave trio Asylum Party.

The Norwegian’s heavily-accented vocals chirpily tell of, in his own words, “what you can do when you are alone”, and the freedom it gives to have nobody around.

Also self-assuredly telling us the track is a “simple masterpiece”, TOGGI adds: “When no-one can see you, you can do whatever you want.”

TOGGI is short for Torgeir Høgheim. Torgeir was previously one-half of Shakanaka, a lo-fi duo he formed with childhood friend Eirik “Egg” Wergeland, himself now riding solo as EGGE.

Shakanaka released two EPs and a number of singles between 2014 to 2017, not quite managing to release a touted album, but nonetheless achieving a degree of national prominence by playing spots at noted industry events including Bergensfest.

Prior to his time with Shakanaka, TOGGI was the vocalist-guitarist of garage rock quartet Berlingo, releasing a full-length, Denne Dansen, in 2013.

His solo turn marks the beginning of a new chapter, marked so far by some live spots, including a recent support slot for PNKSLM’s Les Big Byrd in Bergen.

Dancing Alone is released on digital platforms tomorrow as part of Brilliance Records’ Diamond Club.

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