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Artist Playlist No. 5: Thyla’s Millie Duthie

The British band's lead vocalist and guitarist picks out her favourite music and tells us about her tastes
Bang Bang Romeo

Artist Playlist No. 4: Bang Bang Romeo’s Anastasia Walker

The striking frontwoman picks out ten of her favourite tracks for her installment of the playlist
Hanne Mjøen

Artist Playlist No. 3: Hanne Mjøen

The rising star of Nordic pop picks out a selection of her favourite music for this week's playlist
Agent blå

Artist Playlist No. 2: Agent blå’s Emelie Alatalo

The vocalist with Swedish post-punk band Agent blå curates a selection of the music that means a lot to her
Dead Naked Hippies

Artist Playlist No. 1: Dead Naked Hippies’ Lucy Jowett

The frontwoman of stormy post-punks Dead Naked Hippies curates the first ever Artist Playlist
Soccer Mommy at The Great Escape 2018. Photo: Katy Blackwood

The Great Escape: A look back at the class of 2018 in portraits

As the first 50 artists are announced for The Great Escape 2019, a look back at 2018 through portraits

Interview: Boytoy on their new album, UK tour and sex

We spoke to Saara, Glenn and Chase ahead of the release of their second album Night Leaf and May's UK tour
Emily Burns

Playlist: Pop prospect Emily Burns picks her favourite music

We gave the rising star free reign to select ten of her current favourites for a special FEISTY playlist
FEISTY's Women On Vox 2018

FEISTY’s Women On Vox: The Full Playlist

We've highlighted 125 brilliant bands where women take centre stage